Heating & Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance & Repair in Frederick, MD

The hot summer heat even more stifling when your car’s air conditioning is not working. And the cold winter months  feel even longer and more unbearable when your car’s heater suddenly stops working.  The expert technicians at Rose Hill Exxon & Auto Care are knowledgeable and highly skilled in all aspects of maintenance and repair of the heating and air conditioning systems of your vehicle.  A properly recharged and fully functioning auto air conditioning system will maximize your comfort while minimizing your gasoline usage. It is recommended to have your systems regularly inspected and maintained to ensure it is functioning as it should. Heating and A/C systems could wear out in time with use, hoses can plug and drip if not serviced, causing bad efficiency or a lack of heating and cooling abilities. Correct routine maintenance may keep your automobile comfortable for you and your passengers. In addition to making sure that you are kept warm or cool, these systems are an integral part of your car’s engine. Give the experts at Rose Hill Exxon & Auto Repair in Frederick, MD a call today today to schedule your next heating or air conditioning service.

How to know if your heating and A/C are having issues:

  • If your air conditioning blows only a little cooler compared to the air exterior
  • Air that blows in smells moist, musty, or like mildew and mold
  • Your cabin does not heat up in winter, or is just slightly warmer compared to outdoors
  • The defroster takes longer compared to normal to work, blows in dirty air, or does not operate
  • Your heater or A/C only operates when driving, not when idling, or stops blowing when the vehicle is idle
  • Your heater blows chilly air, or the A/C blows warm
  • At the highest setting, your vents don’t push out much air

An extensive inspection of heating and a/c systems consists of:

  • Examining the interior and blower
  • Inspecting radiator coolant level, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat
  • Testing the compressor belt
  • Inspecting for leakages or various other damages.
  • A cooling system pressure examination
  • Contrasting the air conditioning pressure to manufacturer requirements
  • Testing the A/C system for refrigerant punctures
  • Examine the interior vent air temperature level

Heating & air conditioning parts that we repair and maintain include:

  • Radiator
  • Radiator Cap
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Radiator Fan/Fan Clutch
  • Anti-freeze
  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Fan Belts
  • Serpentine Belt
  • Cooling Sensor
  • Heater Core
  • Heater Hoses

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